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Reconnect your playground to nature.

Welcome to Nature's Instruments, a retail store that carries natural playground components and provides installation services. Our goal is to make it easy for anyone to have a natural playground at their park, school, child care facility, or backyard.

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Everything you need to design and build your natural playground


Children & Nature...

It is time to rethink the concept that one focused piece of playground equipment on a flat plane of grass is good enough. The best solution will focus on what is best for our children;the thing they have lost , what we want them to learn, the behaviors we want to encourage, and the obstacles that our modern way of living has presented to them.

Playgrounds should be at the front line in our efforts to address these concerns. By using natural playground components, like outdoor musical instruments, hill slides, and logs we can engage our children and help fight the trends in childhood obesity, bullying, absenteeism, injury, attention spans, depression, community engagement, and environmental stewardship. 

Nature's Instruments not only refers to outdoor musical instrument selections but any component of Bienenstock Natural Playground. Are you interested in purchasing select items? Do you want to build your own playground? Are you looking for a great gift?