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Log Clusters

Available Options

  • Log Cluster: Version1 (NI-PG-606-10.01) $1261.92
  • Log Cluster: Version2 (NI-PG-606-10.02) $1143.98
  • Log Cluster: Version3 (NI-PG-606-10.03) $1033.23
  • Log Cluster: Version4 (NI-PG-606-10.04) $959.84
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    Log clusters are a unique feature that can act as a retaining wall, a path border, a gathering space, and a physical challenge all at once. Built from natural hardwood logs, log clusters offer versatile play opportunities that range from balancing and leaping, to gathering as a team, to quiet exploration of the shapes and textures of the logs. For maximum play value, combine your log cluster with a hill and diverse woody shrubs. Choose from some of our sample layouts or make your own combination choices of our four versions to create something unique for your space! 


    • Developmental Value

      Sensory Processing: Tactile, Visual, Proprioceptive, Vestibular
      Motor: Core Strength, Upper Body strength, Balance, Coordination, Crossing at the Midline
      Cognitive: Problem-solving, focus, attention, comprehension
      Social/Emotional: parallel, joint or cooperative play, turn- taking, self-regulation
      Communication: Expressive and Receptive Language

      Log clusters are open to so many opportunities. It’s seating, climbing and dramatic play all rolled into one. It enhances balance, coordination, motor planning, while offering vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile input. These clusters also offer hard surfaces for table top activities.

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